The best online gambling sites for Swiss players in 2023

What are the best providers? We have taken a close look at the different providers in our online gambling sites to test Swiss casinos. Swiss online gambling sites for Swiss players to play online, but which selection is convincing? The best known online gambling sites have faced our comparison. Remaining after the evaluation are only the best of the best providers, which have fully complied with the review in all points. The aim was to combine security with a wide range of offers and to make a comparison. Options such as a live casino and slots are standard.

In the evaluation, we proceeded as follows to find flawless casinos in the comparison, more detailed explanations can be found in the specific section. Permits and licences from the Gaming Commission served as a first indication regarding the providers and online gambling sites play. From our perspective, only legal casinos are also truly reputable. If the condition of security is given, we examine aspects such as the payout ratio, bonus programs, customer support and other aspects such as the presence of many payment systems and live online gambling sites. Only those who pass this strict evaluation make it into the selection. Point by point, here are the best of the best online gambling sites in Switzerland, which won the comparison. Each among you is a winner in the casino online.

  • Swisscasinos
  • Starvegas
  • Casino777
  • Pasino
  • Hurrah
  • Goldengrand
  • Swiss4win
  • Gamrfirst
  • 7Melons

Are reputable online gambling sites in Switzerland legal?

Yes, even though there was no regulation regarding online gambling sites for a long time, at least they were not prosecuted and thus legal. Since the year 2019, there are regulations for online gambling in Switzerland. All operators that are legally on the market in Switzerland and offer online gambling or casino online will be regulated by the Swiss Federal Gaming Commission, thanks to licence extension.

For the operators an additional effort with the Gaming Commission, but for the customers a big gain. Through a review of gambling laws, legislation and game manufacturers by casino experts. Thus, the time in top casinos and top sites is safer through the approval and the opportunities and regulations correspond to those of land-based casinos. Who now wants to determine whether an online gambling site is trustworthy, can do it with the same methods as previously with the land-based casinos also: by checking the licence. The so-called full licence is granted to reputable Swiss casinos by the state. Whoever plays in an online gambling site without a licence bears the risk and responsibility of his actions himself. We recommend using only licensed casinos. If doubts should arise, it is reassuring to check the licence on both sides. With the appropriate commission and of course with the appropriate gambling provider.

From the Swiss perspective, it is also legal to go to online gambling sites outside of Switzerland. However, this carries an individual risk without a licence and the Swiss franc is also not common everywhere. In addition to the Swiss licence, there are of course many other reputable licences. In no case should you fall for a fake licence. Example of a legal and reputable licence (outside of Switzerland is the Gibraltar Gaming Commissioner or the Malta Gaming Authority as an example, but both without Swiss Franc). The choice is almost limitless in casino online licences.

Main criteria for choosing an online gambling sites -Switzerland legal

Different casinos and casino providers can be completely different, especially on the Internet. Each casino on our list is different, has advantages and also disadvantages. Nevertheless, it should meet the same main criteria. We will go into detail about the main criteria below. Starting with the variety and number of games, to the casino software and different payment methods, further to bonus types and security of online gambling sites, to customer support and the casino provider.

Small advantages and disadvantages remain in the comparison, so each online gambling site is still somewhat different. With some, the payouts are particularly fast. With others, it is the 24/7 live chat and still others offer an extreme bandwidth of payment options. Thus, each player sets slightly different priorities in the criteria, to the best online gambling sites for him, where the feel-good factor is the greatest. A casino can still be so good, if the security and legality is not given, you no longer see your money, then you have not won. Use these following main criteria and check your online gambling sites thoroughly.

Variety and number of online gambling sites games

An online gambling site should contain the games that you want to play as a player. Nowadays it is common that online gambling sites can contain up to +3000 games. If you only want to play the absolute «live classics», you will not need 3000 different slots. However, a large selection is also an indicator of security and trust. Best games live play, enjoys great popularity with the online gambling sites the Swiss casino operation.

The Swiss are traditional in taste. Even though there is a very large selection, the classic live dealer games are leading. Live games such as blackjack, roulette and especially video poker, for example, brings the class of this country to a point. In its various forms, like Texas Hold’em to more modern ones. What makes poker special is the fact that it is a game of probability theory and mathematics. The individual game may be a game of chance, but anyone who can correctly calculate over 100 games is no longer dependent on luck, but much more on skill.

Those who focus on the so-called online slots, i.e. online slot machines, today also video slots, should make sure that their favourite game is available. Not every casino cooperates with every game studio. A Swiss specialty is playing bingo. A very simple pleasure, which enjoys a high popularity in Switzerland, both among customers and online gambling sites providers. Pay fundamental attention to the variety and number of online games relevant to you, then this criterion is met.

Casino software for online gambling sites Switzerland

The casino software and the individual player must fit together. Among the best game producers KIS-ORCA highlights: NetEnt, Microgaming, Play’n GO, Playtech and Yggdrasil. There are casinos that are only accessible via the browser, while other casinos also have a desktop app to download. A casino can still be so good, if you can not make friends with the software as a player is also not helped. Besides the main distinction in desktop and browser based casino software, mobile availability can also play a role. Do you want to dive into the casino world on your cell phone while on the go – directly into Grand Casino Baden or Casino Casino Neuchâtel? Then a suitable app from the same operator around its casino in Switzerland or an optimally adapted access via the browser is required. Most players will prefer the app for casino games and live casino.